Blog content is coming soon, I promise. I’ve got plenty of opinions, as you can imagine, so there’ll be quite a variety of subjects to choose from. I’ll try to stick to industry-related topics, but you never know when I might be inclined to veer in a different direction. As I’m cultivating my own Sofo Studios media plan, subjects on-deck include…

  • Art Supplies
    I have an addiction to paper. And pens. And textiles. And pretty things. Bear with me.
  • Inspiration
    The internet is full of cool things — I’ll probably want to share them with you.
  • Internships
    What to expect & how to behave.
  • Terminology
    This will be an on-going segment as more ridiculous (and esoteric) terms are in-use every day.
  • The Geek Out
    Basically, if Apple (or Google or Amazon) releases something über cool, I wanna talk about it.
  • The Industry
    I like to stay up-to-date on exciting happenings within the industry, but I’ll try not to bore you with too much industry overload.

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for your patience, and I hope I can be interesting. But in case I’m not…well…then just don’t read it.