As many of my clients and friends (and acquaintances and strangers) can attest, I’m kind of in love with products. And as strange as it sounds, it’s actually unrelated to any sort of bovine obsession. is an online printing business that’s changing the way we think about printing, and I just can’t get enough of them. Let me tell you why…

(Yes, these are affiliate links, but I’d be obsessed with this printer regardless. Plus, we’ll both get a discount when you use ’em.)

Seriously small quantities.

As a small business owner, and having clients that are small businesses as well, we don’t need to print 10,000 postcards and hoard them in a warehouse for distribution. Sometimes we don’t even need to print 500 postcards. At most large print-houses, or even some online print-houses, the smallest quantity you can order is maybe 150 if you’re lucky. changes all that. I can order ten notecards. Yes, I said ten quantity. And while the per-unit cost isn’t as low as bulk, it’s still super reasonable and definitely cheaper than buying more quantity than you’ll ever need. Yes, other online print vendors deserve an honorable mention here, but when considering quality for the price, you won’t beat products.

Printfinity is like magic.

The team at decided that they wanted to revolutionize the print industry — basically make those big print-houses poopoo their panties with what they could bring to the table. Enter: printfinity. With printfinity, for no extra cost, I can print a different image on the back of every card. I can print 25 postcards, each with a different design. Or I can print 50 business cards, all featuring a different photo. Check out some of these Moo-printed projects from Sofo Studios.

They’re just crazy creative.

These guys clearly love their job, and they love to innovate. The customizable templates are so pretty that you don’t have to upload your own design (but you totally can). As a designer, I know I’m shooting myself in the foot here, but if you don’t mind that other people might have a similar business card, I say ‘go for it’. Even if you’re using a designer for custom pieces, the templates are great for a quick-fix or a temporary solution until your custom branding is ready (it’s a process, you know).

What I’m raving about now.

Their letterhead designs. Okay, I’ll admit. Normally, with the current digital age, I’m very anti-letterhead. As a designer and marketer, I’d rather see my clients put that money towards marketing efforts that will bring in new business and get them exposure. But this offering is so cool, I just can’t help but want a few sheets of my own. I mean seriously, check out these animations. And yes, you can printfinitize your order, too.